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Plotmaker won't save

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I just got an "Error while writing file.." message in PM. I tried "saving as" also, no luck. The file is a 20 sheet layout book, with one Autocad drawing and the balance viewsets from AC9. Up until today, no issues. Any help will stop me from redoing a days work (yeah, I should have saved earlier ...)

Erika Epstein
What did you add/do today?
Architect, Consultant
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"Implementing Successful Building Information Modeling"

Nick Schat
I have also had this happen several times. Once you get this error message the LBK is basically useless. Check though that all the views/pmk's are present, I had one floorplan that spooked as a used drawing but was invisible so removed it and that solved the problem.
A workaround that worked for me is to open a new layoutbook and import all your layouts from the damaged LBK into the new one. Save this LBK with a different name and presto. If you still get an error message then you should repeat the above procedure except import one layout at a time and save after each import. This way you narrow down the offending layout.
I recommend you tick the icon to make a backup in your PM preferences.


ArchiCAD 4.1–22, Mac OS 10.14.x iMac 27" 3,2Ghz Intel-Core i5

Haneef Tayob
I've posted a message outlining the same problem on the 30th Jan'06.
Never had such a problem before this time.

Was wondering if it has anything to do with having just upgraded to the latest bug fix (build 2172).

My suspicions are that the plotmaker layout did not open correctly in the first place but for some reason allowed me to work on it. The reason being that I was allowed to open another instance of the same file without a sharing violation message popping up.

Haneef Tayob
Aziz Tayob Architects
AC23 INT rel 3003, OS X 10.14.6 iMac 3.3ghz i5 dual monitor, 24GB RAM

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