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Plotting in 13

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I have just up-graded to 13 from ver 9 (yep 9 !! ) and realize that the good old Plotmaker is no longer used.

1) Is there an equivalent system in 13 for creating plots?
2) when two differing scales are required on the same plot, ie. a 1:5 or 1:10 detail on a 1:50 plan, how is this done?

Have to admit that I really have 'lost the plot' on this one

many thanks to anyone who can help


Eduardo Rolon
1) Plotmaker is not lost it was just integrated into AC look for the layout tab. You can read in the Getting Started Guide about how to update tor Projects from different versions.

2) For the scales you need to create different views that you place in the Layouts. Same procedure as creating PMK's and placing them in PM but you don't have to export them out. Different scales mean creating two different views.
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
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many thanks Eduardo, I will explore this.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You will find that the menu structure of ArchiCAD changed in AC 10 and later. This was because of the integration of PlotMaker (or Layouting) into ArchiCAD.
I would suggest to use the new menu layout and get used to it because it communicated the Design-Documentation workflow very well.
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Hi Richard,

Welcome to the forum! It's nice to see another local posting on here! Where abouts are you based?

Best of luck getting up to speed in AC13. This forum is a great place to ask any questions you have - someone is bound to know the answer, no matter how obscure the question!

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Hi Peter, I am in Swindon.

I used this Forum years ago (and also its predecessor) but until a few weeks ago had no problems with ArchiCad and then when I needed to log on again, I mislaid my username and password so decided to register again !

Yes, it is a great way for the ArchiCad fraternity to comunicate.

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