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Problem with drawing orientation when plotting/printing

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Using AC11 with the latest updates to plot/print drawings in Arch D format we have several orientation problems at the office. We use an Oce TDS400 plotter with a 36" wide roll and we seem to be unable to find any setting to print our D format drawings correctly.

What we want :

To print a sheet that is 36" wide by 24" high (extended D size margins) so that the drawing will use the full width and height without having to recut the paper and waste our support.

What is currently happenning:

Whatever configuration we seem to be using the layout is rotated 90 degrees, being 36" high with a white band of paper on top and bottom.

This problem is extremely annoying since it results in waste of paper and time. Anyone have an idea?

Assuming that your Masters are correct, this has to do with the printer settings.

Check again ALL the settings in the driver, and make sure that the printer is controlled by the software and that no hardware overrides are in place.

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