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Problem with the image textures in ArchiCAD 17

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Hello everyone! When i open a 3d window in AC17 the image textures appears like we can see on the image. [/img]

This only happens on images textures in OpenGL mode.

Anyone could help me?


Karl Ottenstein
Is the material one that you created yourself? If so, then the issue is adjusting the sliders for how the texture responds to ambient light I think...

Tell use more...
One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.2, iMac Pro

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Is a standart material "Stn-Ledgestone". But it happens with all images textures.

if i reduce zoom more dark the texture appears, but if i increase zoom the lighting area is bigger.

Ted Taylor
Do you have the Camera Light turned on with a high percentage under Light Sources in the Photorendering dialog box? Menu path is Document:Creative Imaging:Photorendering Settings... If that is it, turn it off and play around with ambient light and sun settings.
Ted Taylor
Atlanta, GA , USA
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I've tried it, but nothing changes ... It is very strange because it only happens in OpenGL mode and only with the textured images.

It is possible that the problem is in the graphics card? but it's still weird because with archicad 16 that did not happen.

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Hello everyone! I have same problem. Black textures in 3d window. Any solutions?

Karl Ottenstein
I cannot reproduce this. If you can, save a MINIMAL (to make it easy for us) PLN file, zipped, on a download site such as dropbox that contains just the element that is showing the problem - and so that the 3D view that any of us will get when opening the 3D window is what shows the problem for you.

Then, one of us might be able to determine if it is a setting, or your graphics card.

Have you tried the various OpenGL options for the 3D window to see which option change makes the problem go away?


PS The reason I ask for a minimal PLN rather than an MOD is that we must have your attributes to have the settings for the material showing the issue and attributes are not included in MOD files.
One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.2, iMac Pro

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Yes, I tried everything in OPEN GL settings. Problem started with version 17. Previously, 16 no such issues.
I tried reinstall Archicad and video drivers.

Videocard is Radeon X1600.

I think the problem is in the video, not Arhicad. But I decided to ask for your opinion.

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