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Publishing layout to JPEG

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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but I've been trying to publish my layout to JPEG and there's been a few strange things happening. Usually when publishing to PDF or DWG we don't have any issues with image quality etc. When I just tried publishing to JPEG the quality is low and fuzzy, and it publishes all things on the screen even if they're not within the defined layout sheet. Does anyone know how to fix this? Are there settings somewhere?

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I'm guessing people may also have this issue and aren't sure how to solve it. If I can ask follow up questions...How do you make your layouts into JPEGs? (For example: to post on the MLS site) Do you just publish to a PDF and change the file type in Photoshop or another program? Is there a way to make a JPEG in ArchiCAD?

Katalin Borszeki
It is best if the client publishes the layouts in png format because in this format, the compression doesn’t affect the quality of the image.

Unlike JPGs, which blur images at a certain point, a PNG file will always look at least as sharp as the original image. Unfortunately, PNG files also tend to be a bit larger than JPG files, especially when they’re high resolution.

Thus, JPG compression tends to create smaller file sizes at the cost of image quality. However, PNGs are better for capturing lossless images, and in situations where minimizing file sizes isn’t of utmost importance. Best,
Katalin Borszeki
Implementation Specialist
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