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Real World Coordinate Tool

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As discussed numerous times in the past from a search of the forum A) drawn projects in model space should always be close to the Archicad project origin or bugs can occur B) the project origin cannot be changed and is always '0'.

AC comes with a coordinate dimension tool, with the option to use project origin, custom origin etc.

We are in desperate need of a tool that would allow us to enter a constant/permanent offset of the project origin including orientation. As we have literally thousands of real world coordinates to set out in AC and currently we are having to do this using excel, and copying and pasting results between ArchiCAD and the spreadsheet. Enormously time consuming and madness when you consider that we just need to 'trick' the coordinate tool into looking at the project origin then adding a set numbers of our choosing to give us the desired result.

Unfortunately we are not well versed enough in GDL scripting to amend the base script of the coordinate tool or script our own from scratch but I assume it would be possible with the correct knowledge.
Assuming it is possible, does anyone have a tool of this nature, or can advise how to edit the standard tool?

Lastly, the standard coordinate tool does not display enough decimal places. We need at least 3 decimal figures (our real world coodinates are similar to; E 500000.123 N 300000.123). The coordinate tool has only 1 decimal place which is not accurate enough to be useful on a site.

All help and thoughts appreciated!

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