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Redefine section view to use 3D cutaway?

Paul King
Just wondering if any clever person has come up with a way to make a scention or elevation use the contents of a 3D cutaway as the source geometry rather than the whole model?

This would allow me to remove object in the foreground that a section marker alone cannot omit via placements - for example a long diagonal wall that passes diagonally from one side of section marker to the other, leaving a graphically undesirable half wall with very wide cut section profile.

Lots of mini steps in plan of section marker is my normal workaround, but won't do here, as the ground is sloping, and will become visually disjointed at every step in marker. Using layer control to omit items on a per view basis won't do, either, because I do want to cut some effected elements rather than switch them off [just in a way the section marker cannot hanfle]- and I would need to set up and maintain a crazy number of layer combos to manage every permutation from every elevation/section marker.

Hoping to avoid parallel 3D line drawing projection as well, as I want these to be and match other real working drawing type sections - just with a bit more selective intelligence than normal
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