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Renovation filters & Graphic Override rules

Arrived Late

I hope I've posted in the correct forum.

I have this issue I can not seem to resolve.

I believe it has something to do with the graphic override rules in the renovation filter. But I could be wrong.
I'll do my best to explain it.

When I have an existing window that will be removed, and replaced with a larger window, it shows the extent of the new window; in the form of proposed new wall; on my EXISTING plan.
It's hard to wrap your head around it via my crap explanation, So; I made an example and took some snips.

Here is an example of how my existing wall is shown (for context)

Here is an example of how my proposed wall is shown (for context)

An existing window that is to be removed

The new larger window that is going in its place

Here is my issue, This View is my EXISTING plan, But it shows new proposed wall on the existing (to the extent of the new window) I Want it not to show as new proposed, but to look like the rest of the existing wall.

I hope this makes sense.

Barry Kelly
Arrived wrote:
I hope I've posted in the correct forum.

No, but I have moved to the appropriate section.
'Archicad+' is for discussing the Archicad program itself - good points, bad points, what can we expect, etc.

Also you image links don't seem to be working.
You do not need to link to an external source - the links will break if the source changes so will not stay permanently in the post.
Best if you attach them directly to the post using the 'Upload Attachment' tab below where you compose the post.


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