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Roof Plan Representation: 2D lines or roofs?

How do you like to draw roof plans? Do you use the roof element and fill in the roof planes with a solid fill, or do you do 2D line work (or is there a 3rd option)? I am trying to reduce the 2D line work and be more efficient, but even in 3D in the case of a very complex roof with several levels and dormers, it is very cumbersome to try to get all the roofs in the correct "display order" to make it appear as you would see it from top-down.

I also like to indicate where roofs overlap with a dashed line showing where there is roof below...any recommendations?


I typically use 3D Document for developing Roof Plans. This method won't create the dashed lines (for roofs below) like you're trying to achieve. As far as I'm aware, those would have to be drawn with 2D lines or polylines.
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Hi! How about doing yet another 3d document, with the same view of the roof, with a layer combination only showing said roofs, and with the hidden line option activated. Then you overlap the views in layout. Sounds like a hassle, but this way you might get the roof view with the hidden line in an automatic way.

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