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Roof cut lines on varying heights

Hello, I am trying to show the cut lines of different roofs on different layers. For example we have multiple roofs that are at the same story, but due to topography and ceiling height they are placed at a different height. In the plan we are interested in where the roof has a certain height above the actual floor, not above archicads story level. Is this possible to achieve without manually calculating and doing 2d lines?

Another example would be to show the roof cut lines say 1900 mm above the floor in one place, and 1200 in another, to show where furniture could be placed or so.

For stairs there is a (somewhat functional) option to chose the cut level, is there something similar for roofs?
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There is a command Create Roof Level Lines... which will place lines calculated at a given height for the roof, so it will take care of the manual calculation. I don't know if it is part of the standard Work Environment, you may need to add it.

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I'm aware of that, but was hoping for something linked to the roof object so it would update if the roof changes.
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There is a skylight (yes, as in window skylight), that does exactly this. And since it's hosted in the roof the line will always be right.
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Sounds interesting. Do you know the name?
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