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Saving views with different orientation

Too Long

Is there a way to save a version of the same view with a different orientation to avoid having to set the orientation each time when switching between both views?

Ive tried Get Current Settings but this didnt work.


Screenshot 2021-11-30 105757.jpgScreenshot 2021-11-30 105737.jpg



Unchecking 'Ignore zoom & rotation when opening this view' fixed it.


Thanks alot.

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Steve Jepson

sort of, using Trace Reference  - but the dimensions and other annotation will not automatically adjust for the rotation and would need to be on a different layer if they need to stay oriented with alternate building rotation. 


Something like this could work if just rotating the layout is not sufficient. 


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Barry Kelly

It should work.

But interestingly I just rotated my plan and then used 'Get Currrent Settings' in my plan view and it didn't work.

I saved a new view that was rotated and it did.

Went back to that first view and tried again and it worked.

Maybe it is just fussy.


Also make sure that the 'Ignore zoom & rotation when opening this view' option is not ticked.



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Unchecking 'Ignore zoom & rotation when opening this view' fixed it.


Thanks alot.

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Gerry Leonor

^^ what Barry said





90% of the time, my views have this option un-checked.

only in specific circumstances do i actually check this option.

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Likewise but this specific instance required it checked and I didnt put the two together.



Stuart Smith

The rotation of Saved Views should be visible/editable along with the other information like Layer Combination, Scale, etc.  

As it is now, it's confusing and not intuitive.

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I agree, it's confusing and not intuitive.  I think it is an unintended consequence of combining rotation and zoom, and possibly a bug.


After I checked the "ignore zoom" checkbox in the view settings, my saved rotated view was still correctly rotated (rotation was not ignored) on the layout, but no longer rotated when I went to the saved view.  View settings does not tell me that this is a rotated view.  Neither do the drawing selection settings for the layout, which explicitly tells me the drawing is not rotated even though the view, as shown on the layout sheet, is correctly rotated.  If someone else needed to open my model to use it they would be totally mystified.

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