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Schedule of Zone areas to show Sub Totals not Grand Totals

Josh Verran

I have various schedules set up to read the Areas of zones, broken up by zone category (eg Buildings and Decks).

I need to see the total area of buildings and also the total areas of Decks.

I don't want to see the total area of buildings and decks combined.

I have tried various combinations withing the schedules but not having any luck.

In the past, I have made the Grand total white, but seems a bit low-tech and has its own issues.


Any suggestions?


Screenshot 2021-10-20 102315.pngScreenshot 2021-10-20 102428.png


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Barry Kelly

If you are summing and using the flag to group values, I don't think there is any way to have a sub-total without a grand-total.


However in the format settings, try selecting the grand total and making the row height very small, and/or the font small and white pen.

That might hide it.



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You could categorize the zones and have 2 seperate schedules, one for building and the other for decking.

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Great Idea Barry - this has drove me nuts for years...

Gary Ford
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Karl Ottenstein

Somewhat risky if the number of zones changes, but I’ve typically cropped the placed schedule on the layout to crop off the grand total.  If Barry’s idea works, it would be a better option as the full schedule would always display even as the number of zones changes and or you change other formatting.

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