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Section / Elevation Markers & Renovation Filters

Gerald D Lock
I've run into an interesting problem:

I want to be able to show section/elevation markers on just the proposed floor plan, and separate markers on the existing conditions/demolition plan.

Before v.15 I used 3 layer suffix codes to denote renovation status (eg. Walls.demo / Walls.exist / for all model elements and had a similar system for markers (but just used .demo and .new) so it was an easy matter to switch on one or the other using layer combinations.

v.15 has seen a welcome reduction (almost 50%!) in the size of my layer set and the number of layer combinations required to control them, and I don't fancy going back to that old system just for the sake of a few markers.

Is there any way to control markers in v.15 using the Renovation Palette?

I'm guessing the answer is a flat "NO" as I've investigated the Info Box properties list (Options>Work Environment>Info Box) for every tool and discovered that ALL Markers, as well as the Drawing-, Figure-, Hotspot tools are all lacking the necessary "Tags and Categories" panel
ArchiCAD 24 (build 5004)

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) Apple M1 Pro 32GB RAM | MacOS 12.0.1

Melbourne, Australia

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I agree. It's annoying that the section/elevation/ detail markers cannot be controlled by the renovation filters. I don't like the idea of setting up existing layer combinations, as it negates the whole concept of the renovation filter. Definitely worth adding to the Archicad wishlist!

My work around to hide the markers on existing drawings:

Place white cover fills over each marker head as required. Put the fills on the demolition filter, so that they disappear in new construction drawings.

Not perfect, but it works OK.


It's now 2022, we're on Archicad 25 and this hasn't been fixed. Almost 10 years, and 10 versions later.


I'm in Archicad 25 and this issue hasn't been fixed, I hope in next version included that idea (sorry for the English)

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