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Sections and Elevations - Reference IDs, Names and Favorites


Hi everyone. Can someone explain how Reference IDs and Names are handled by Sections and Elevations, especially when saved as favorites?

When I try to give these default values and save them as favorites they just get ignored the next time I select the favorite. Archicad uses whatever values were last used by the tool, and in the case of the ID it inceases the number by 1.

Also how do you reset the count of the ID number? If I have an elevation with an ID of "01" then Archicad will number the next elevations "02, 03, ..." and so on. However, if I then delete elevations 02 and 03, Archicad will number the next elevation "04" rather than go back to "02".

Feel I'm missing something fundemental here! Any help would be most welcome, Nik.



Update - It looks like there are a number of things that are not 'sticking' when I save a favorite including the layer. Is it possible for the favorites to get corrupted? I'm setting up a template from scratch and these are the first favorites I'm trying to create.


Favourites have 'Element Transfer Settings' that tell the favourite what information to set.

This can include the ID, layers as well as many other settings.

So you can tell the favourite to use a particular Transfer Setting as you apply the favourite.

Look up 'Element Transfer Settings' in the reference guide.


Also in the Work Environment > User Preference Schemes > More Option, there is an option to 'Assign a new element ID to each new element'.

You can turn this off but ID will no longer automatically increase.


If ever you want to go back to an older number, you just change the ID in the tool default settings before you place the element or elevation/section marker.

Or change it after you place it.




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