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Show 2x X symbol in section

Does anybody know how to automate a 2x X symbol in section? It would awesome if I could draw my sill plates, with a wall or beam and have the "X" appear automatically without having to do it in 2D. Thanks
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I solved this problem by developing my own GDL object for representation of wood, that shows in section the cross (by adding into the body of wood two additional planes). Previously when I tried to do the cross using standard ArchiCAD tools, I used complex profile and was cutting twice the fills - that the body of the element would be made from four fills. It worked too, but I was not super happy about it and found that developed GDL objects work better.
You can check my library - how it works there. The cross can be shown of hidden via Model View Options in section Structure.

Barry Kelly
What version of Archicad are you using?
In 24 you can create a complex profile beam or wall and simply split the rectangle profile into 4 triangles.
You don't even have to change the building material (fill) to be different for each triangle.
I am not sure what version this came into effect with - but definitely works in 24 - they no longer merge back into one fill.
Make sure the width and height stretch modifiers are active in the profile so you can stretch the wall/beam size in section (by dragging the corner node and choosing height or width stretch in the pet palette).

Unfortunately a simple fill (hatch) can not be made to automatically resize and fit a cross-section's profile.

There should also be an "X Box Symbol" object in the default library that you can use as an overlay (in 2D elements > Graphic Symbols).


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