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Simple clean DWF\DWG 2D export


I want to get a simple DWG\DWF export that will produce a clean 2D output, with no overlapping lines and fills, no fills except cut fills, no wipeouts. Just what you would get if you'd print your layout on paper. No hidden geometry or solids. WYSIWYG. 


I've tried messing with DWG export settings, Object settings, graphic overrides, exporting PDF and DWF then exploding them in Autocad then resaving as DWF... Nothing gets it. 


It's simple enaugh to render it on screen or print. Then how is it not available on file export? 


Anyone? Please?



I use Archicad 23.



If you actually looked at the PDFs produced, there are a lot of overlapping lines and fills behind fills...

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This is true, as I realized once the PDF was exploded in Autocad...

(I just checked if Re-exporting it again from Autocad to DWF would have any positive effect. It was a desperate move...)

However, this does not get me any closer to the goal.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I would try this workaround:

1. Save the PLN under a new name.

2. In this new file, explode all elements on Floor Plans you want to export as DWG. If you have Sections/Elevation (all Viewpoints that are generated from the 3D model), explode elements on those first so they are not lost when all elements are exploded on Floor Plans.

3. Use the Fill Consolidation and Line Consolidation commands in each Viewpoint. That should take care of the overlapping Lines and Fills issue.

4. Save as DWG.

You would have to perform this elaborate hula dance routine each time you want to save as DWG this way.

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Thanks Laszlo for the response!

Sounds like a dance I might manage since I'll hopefully have to do it only once or twice during the project's life (It's for documents required in the permit approval process). 

I'll definitely give it a try once I get to it.


I'll report later.

Thanks again! 

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