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Sketchup file into Archicad floor plan


Hi there

I have been provided a Sketchup file model to work with for a house, but as I dont have a Sketchup licence im not able to convert or export the file into more helpful file types

Is there a way I can import a Sketchup file to at least generate a floor plan? in Archicad
when importing the file, going to plan view doesnt give me anywhere close to anything resembling a plan
just a large cumbersome single object
from what i can gather it seems like an overly cumbersome process so far, might be quicker to measure the model in the free sketchup viewer and remodel the entire thing from scratch in Archicad

does anyone have any helpful ideas?



I think you can get a "floorplan" from a Sketchup object by using a 3D Document. Not sure if it would be possible / viable to model from that though.




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Am I able to export a 3D document using only the free sketchup viewer though?
I just need it accurate enough to show the wall positions in plan to dimension the room spaces

Karl Ottenstein

With the SketchUp imported (or opened) 'object' placed only once, select it ... then right-click and click on "Convert Selection to Morph(s)..." in the context menu.


The model will be exploded into Morph surfaces... with hotspots at all useful boundaries.  You can now select elements and place them into layers so that you have layer control to work on what you want (or delete things you don't want).  E.g., put ceilings in a ceiling layer, walls in a wall layer, etc.


You can then hotlink this file into your main project file to use as reference geometry and then delete the hotlink when you're finished with it.


One option anyway.

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Thanks Karl

This sounds like a workable option, i'll give it a go!

If you need to use it as a base for the model, the reference points in general are useful as the reference points for the building of the model

This is a recording of a VERY good stream by ContraBIM on the topic



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