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Slab Stairs in BIMx Problem

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Does anybody know how to set a step in a floor plan so that it works in BIMx when in walking mode?

I have a step in my 3D model in AC17 which is modelled using a slab, but when i export as a BIMx file you cannot walk up it, you can jump up it and walk down it but that's not good.

I have taged it in element classification as a stair but this does not work either!



In the BIMx file, go to Settings > Camera Radius and increase this value.

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Digital Architecture
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I believe that I am having a similar problem with a Cadimage stairway in BIMx 17 (17.0002). It is a basic 7 3/4" rise x 10" tread stairway.

When I attempt to walk up the stairs I get stuck bumping against the first stair until I move up against the cable rail system that seems to allow me to slide upwards.

This is a file created entirely in Archicad17. The Cadimage stair is also created and modified in 17. However, if I save the Archicad 17 file as an Archicad 16 .PLN file, I can easily open the file in Archicad 16 and then "Export to BIMx". Strangely, in BIMx 16 (16.3827) the stair works perfectly.

In both BIMx 16 and 17, my camera radius was set at .25m. Increasing the radius to .40m has no effect.

I believe that this is a bug.

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