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Slabs on top of slabs

Too Long

Is there a way to show a slab with dashed outlines only when its drawn beneath another slab so that the outlines remain solid when the lower slab runs past the upper slab?


Like this? (Please ignore the white hatching)


Screenshot 2022-06-10 160303.png

AC26 AUS Full

Barry Kelly


In 25, if 2 slab edges join and the slabs are the same height, they can be set to show a hidden join line.

But this does not apply when one slab overlaps another slab.


However a beam under a slab can be set to show as hidden.

So you could align the 2 slab edges so one is above the other - that will show as a solid line which you would want.

Then place a beam under the top slab down to the bottom of the lower slab that represents the width of the overlap.

Then that beam can be set as hidden (MVO settings and hidden line type in the beam floor plan display settings).





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Thanks Barry

AC26 AUS Full

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