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Solid element operation and graphic override issue

Hello. I've run into an issue using graphic overrides in sections together with solid element operations. A standard modelling practice for us is to create a mesh representing the ground (with different points at measured heights) and then use the bottom story's slab and/or walls in a solid element operation to "dig out" the ground where the building stands.

For the section I then add a graphic override rule to make the cut building gray, and another rule to make the cut ground hatched. However this removes the outline between the walls and the ground. If the graphic override only affects the ground OR only the walls the outlines remain, but any rules affecting the cut fills of both makes the outlines disappear. Even if eithe rule exlusively affects only their respective objects. The very fact that the cut fills of both are handled by the graphic override seems to tell archicad to treat these as the same material and merge them, only to change the fill type afterwards.

If I check "show skin separators" for both rules the outlines reappear, but so does all the other lines I don't want, between the walls and the slabs for example.

Anyone else experiencing this and have some solutions, am I thinking about graphic overrides in the wrong way or is this a bug?
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Same bug as this.

The mesh needs a thicker pen than the wall.
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Thank you for the reply and redirection. I'll continue in the other thread.

If anyone else is having the same problem as me getting Nguyens temporary fix to work with two graphic overrides, one for the wall cut and one for the ground cut, I finally figured it out: you need show skin separators turned on for the ground cut, as well as a thicker line.
| AC 25 Int | Win10 | i7-7800X | 32 GB | GeForce RTX 2060 6GB |

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