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Some downloaded objects show up pink


Fairly simple question here: sometimes when I download a library object, it shows up pink in the floor plan. I've checked all of the floor plan display settings on the object and nothing implies that it should show up pink. AC's library is somewhat limited, so I want to be able to use an object when I find one that I like.



Please attach a screenshot image.

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Barry Kelly

It looks to me like that object is set to use a pink pen as the fill hatch or background pen.

i.e. the object is set to use pen number 22 and pen number 22 in youe current pen set just happens to be pink.


Do you have options in the object to change the pen colours in the parameters?


If you can't choose the pen colour in the object settings, you will ether have to open and edit the library part or change your pen set, changing the pink pen to white - assuming you are not using that pink pen anywhere else that needs to be pink.


Here is the image from the link.






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