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Stair modelling


Hello everyone, 


I'm having a bit of trouble modelling a weird existing stair in AC26. Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to model a stair with a trapezoidal shape and if it's possible how??


Attached is an image of the stair in a 2d plan (in red). 


Thank you in advance and kind regards, 



You could do that by selecting finish only in the stair settings, then use the edit mode  to shape the stair, but it would be faster to just use slabs for this.


Hi Julien, 


Thank you for your answer. I will model structure and finishing separately, edit the finishing and SEO it! 


Kind regards, 

It can be done.


Make these settings.

Everything is manual and set the top as 'not linked, and set the number of risers and the height of the riser required.

Then place a stair using the curve with centre point method.

Now select the stair boundary - not the reference side.

Straighten the curved edges and then move the nodes to the actual points you want the stair to be.




If you want the top tread to be exactly parallel with the door then you may have to add a second single step or slab for that.

Because it is all manual settings and you nominate the number of risers, you can create a 2 flight stair.

There might be a way of doing it but I am not sure (yet).





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