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Surface Catalog previews - any way to see larger versions?

Karl Ottenstein
A recent post had me looking at the contents of the Additional Surface Catalog... and wondering if anyone has any tips for viewing the catalog thumbnails larger - at least double or even larger?

Attached is screenshot of a catalog browsing view for reference. The thumbnails are so ridiculously small, and on spheres, rather than flat surfaces, that it is really impossible to see what they will look like until tediously adding each one to the project so that you can apply it to a surface. I understand the rationale for spheres - to better show specular effects, as is standard in the world of 3D modeling/animation... but in architecture, most of our textures are applied to flat surfaces, or perhaps rounded columns, and very rarely to spheres. So the distortion gives no idea of the actual texture and bump details that are more important I think to our community.

Ideas? Is there a PDF from Graphisoft perhaps with all library surfaces illustrated when applied to walls/slabs perhaps?
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