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Texture Alignment Problems b/w ArchiCAD &

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I've started using v9 w/ the new lightworks engine and seem to be running into some problems with texture alignment. Sometimes the textures seem to scoot around when I go to render in Lightworks.

Below is an image demonstrating my problem. The archicad window is the correct alignment, with the panel joints aligning to the door head, and starting at the corner. The texture is a .tif with an alpha channel for bump. This is all in spite of having just made the material 'Match Internal Engine', which did not seem to make a difference.

Other times the textures rotate 180 degrees from how they appear in the 3d window. I mostly see both of these problems when I'm using the 3d align texture feature, but that may be only because I'm watching the alignment closely.

Am I missing some technique to keep them both synched? Any help on this is much appreciated.

Geez louise.

You've got to use "mechanic's mind" on this one. Go thru the LightWorks material and make sure your scales and sizes are the same as in the Infernal Engine.

See : Color - make sure scales match
Texture space - size and scale to match ArchiCAD

there's a check box to ensure matching but I'm not sure how far it goes...

and you also know about aligning the texture to a point in the 3D windo....
Dwight Atkinson

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