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Trace and reference visible in the layout


Hi all!

Any help to see the reference in the Layouts, as the reference is already in the Views?Is it possible to crop the view in project map?





great question, I have been wondering about it a few times too but never posted the question-- Looking forward to an answer. Thanks!


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Yes you can print any reference as underlay view and control what you like to show by layer combination and also appearance by graphic override even when placing on layout you can keep its pen set or change between B&W and greyscale colors then send to back by display order, about cropping the floor plan in project map I don’t know why you crop? I think you can’t crop or disappear a part of floor plan is n Archicad but you can make it faded by using 3D cut away.

Barry Kelly

Can you show a trace reference in a layout? - yes, exactly the same way you do for views.

But just because a view has a trace reference, you won't see that reference on the layout.

You still have to choose what reference you want to use.


Can you crop a view in a project map? (should really ask separate questions in separate posts).

No, unless you place a big white fill over it and cut a hole for the portion you want to see.



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