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Twinmotion Assets available inside Archicad

Just saw an excellent presentation by Architect Nathan Hildebrandt that took place on ARCHINTENSIVE 2021.

It talks about Enscape/Archicad workflows, and at some point refers that Enscape Assets are available inside Archicad, by placing "Proxys" on AC environment.
I just thought: Since Graphisoft already has a stronger partnership with Twinmotion, Wouldn't it be nice if we have Twinmotion Assets too?
Let us be honest... The Archicad visualization library is well... not that good.
And by allowing the use of more pro visualization assets inside AC would also release a lot of resources on the AC developer team that could be relocated to more important tasks.

To any moderator: Please move this post to the proper Wish section.
Paulo Henrique Santos, Architect
AC24_INT#3008 / I7 / 16Gb / 512Mb SSD / Windows 10

I actually have seen that Twinmotion is replacing ArchiCAD trees with the trees from their library. Please correct if I'm wrong. But if this is the true - then most likely better integration will arrive soon.

Emre Senoglu
Yes I agree, but I'm guessing this is more a wish for the TM developers than Archicad My curent way of doing this is to set a graphical override when transferring to TM. This way, I have "proxy" objects in AC, and after syncing to TM I can hide them by selecting the override material. It's not perfect, but its a doable workaround for now.

Archicad 22 TUR / 23 INT - Ryzen 2700x / Geforce GTX 1660Ti
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İmge Mimarlık // instagram

Yes. Twinmotion has the "Replace" function. But there is 2 main problems with this solution: 1. You have to duplicate the libraries; 2. If you use the AC object as proxy (to be replaced by TM), you won't get the "Real" dimension of the asset inside AC.
If we had an AC/Twinmotion live link including Asset Library, we then could have the exact dimension of the asset during design phase. Not to mention that we could use it on Property Expressions.
Another advantage to a Shared Asset Solution, is that it can be applied not only for objects, but also for Materials (Surface on the AC terminology).
Paulo Henrique Santos, Architect
AC24_INT#3008 / I7 / 16Gb / 512Mb SSD / Windows 10

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