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V-Ray... for ArchiCAD?

Rafal SLEK
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MacBook Pro Retina 2019/2.4 GHz/Intel Core i9/32GB RAM/Radeon Pro 5500M 4GB/macOS 11.6/ArchiCAD 25vINT+POL/Maxwell Render 5.2/Twinmotion 2022.1

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Strange! Two months ago a representative of Chaosgroup, the firm that develops VRay, invited me to join a team of online consultants. Their headquarters happened to be just near my office. According to him a release of VRay for Maya is ready to be announced, but there had not been any current plans for other platforms development! I suppose the Asgvis product is a material matching plug-in, rather that an integrated VRay rendering engine. I will keep watching this thread! Perhaps a surprise is waiting for us?

Yeah, since ArchiCAD is leading the poll for most wanted plugin by more than half the votes, I posted a question in the FAQ section asking if it would be unreasonable to expect a AC-Vray bridge any time soon, and one of the forum moderators said that they are keeping an eye on the poll and are certainly aware of AC user interest. He didn't give any hint as to whether a plugin was in the works though; my experience in these third-party developers with development of new plugins for new platforms is that they are heavily driven by user-popularity or user-requests from the respective software platforms.

So while ArchiCAD currently leading the poll helps a lot to try to convince them that AC users would be a viable market for a new plugin, it also wouldn't hurt to actually voice a request in the forum FAQ's as well.

(P.S. - also take some time to drop a vote and a request for a Fryender ( - Forum Wishlist section) plugin as well. The more the merrier, I always say )

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i am dieing for a AC- vray 'collabo',it has to be the ultimatexperience.maake it happen.thanks

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I've checked the V-ray ( website.
My opinion is that it has to come available for ArchiCAD users; so I've give my opinion in the poll..

Does anyone have tried to convert an ArchiCAD project to SketchUp and do the render there.

I'm now at home, so I do not have the ArchiCAD key with me to try it.

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