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VBE failed to intialize - no view but an empty sky

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hi everybody
i have two problems vith vbe didnt want to render one of my projects ones i export for vbe it is there but when i go to the global illimunitation option and say intialize it just says failed to intialize
2.after exporting another project the project is just not there the only seen thing is an empty sky does anybody have an idea what is wrong

Karl Ottenstein
Switch to some mode other than global illumination. It sounds like your graphics card's OpenGL support is not adequate for VBE in GI mode.
One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.6, iMac Pro

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the strange thing is it some time renders really good (the current view or the whole project) but these a days it failed with one of my projects i have saved as.. the original file several times with some variations inside and some of these are not initialized and some of the these when exported the only seen thing is an empty skye i have cheched all the rendering modes from GI settings dialog here are some attached pics

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in one case changing the rendering doesnt change the empyu sky in the other case changing the rendering mode changes the current view but it all the time says failed to initialize
i have never had this kind of problem and i have no idea whats wrong

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