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Viewset selection in TeamWork PLP or PLC?

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One of our clients is working on Mac with version 7.0 due to the speed issues. We advized them wait till at least version 8.1 before migrating the whole office to Panther with AC. They currently work a lot in TW and were wondering how to handle viewsets in the Layout books. Should they import viewsets from the PLP or from the PLC files?
What are the recommendations from all those experienced Mac 8.1 users out there? Our localized version of 8.1v1 is due later this month.

PLP, absolutely.

The PLP file is the "real" file from which all others send & receive changes. The PLC files are just "working copies" which can vary from user to user.
Tom Waltz

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The PLCs are essentially temporary backups and exist only so you can save without having to send and receive, and so you can continue to work when disconnected from the network.

They can be used to create alternates by saving variations with the same sign in. In this case it would be appropriate to (temporarily) link the LBK to each PLC in turn to produce the alternate sets. This is a special case though, and the links should otherwise always be to the PLP.

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