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Wall schedule not updating


My wall schedule doesn't seem to update correctly.


With every change I make the schedule seem to revert to some predefined row & column size.

This in turn causes walls types/components to not display on my layouts.


This is how it displays after each change to a wall.




To fix it I have to:

1) Open the schedule in the view map.

2) Click "Schedule Cell Size"

3) Click "Resize Rows to fit content"

And then it updates correctly.



I'm sure there is a setting that I'm missing that lets Archicad automatically update the rows?



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I have to do this too with windows and doors and such but I think the answer would be to predefine a specific width/height for the column and then it should retain that distance regardless of the changes

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I have had this issue as well. At first, I thought I was doing something wrong, but I could not find a pattern that was causing it.


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