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Walls protruding through windows in 3D view

Darius Yong

I have modelled a row of offices and have encountered a problem regarding the walls of the office. 


At the back of the office are windows lining the entire section of the wall. 


I have placed these windows and they appear fine in the 2D view (2D view.png file).


However, when viewing the model in 3D view (3D view.png file), the walls protrude out of the windows.


Is there a way to prevent the walls from protruding out of the windows in the 3D view?


Thank you!





Mahmoud Qenawi

Ok hi @Darius Yong, I see you created openings behind windows and created two walls to put windows on the outer and the opening to the inner, is it right?

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Barry Kelly

The window will only cut a hole in the wall it belongs to - it won't trim other walls as well.


If you have walls butting up to the inside of the window, you will have to control the end position so they don't trim with the perpendicular wall (with the window), so they will not extend to the outside of that wall.


The easiest way would be to have those 2 walls in different layers and give each layer a different intersection group number (in the layer settings) so they don't trim with each other.



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