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Windows Not Showing in Wall


(I'm not sure if I've chosen the correct place to post this.)

I have 5 windows, three of which are not showing and two are. The Floor plan display is the same for both. The walls are the same too. Any ideas?Window Issue.png


Barry Kelly

Are the windows placed at the correct heights?

Is the renovation status of the windows the same - existing, new, to be demolished?



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Yes Barry, all 5 windows show - 'existing' and 'all relevant filters'. At one point the hidden windows were ghosted on the reno filter but not now. (weird)


Are the windows set to Projected? If so, does your FPCP go through them?

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All 5 windows are 'projected with overhead' and the walls are 'projected'. Cut plane height = 1150. Walls are 2440. Windows all have a head height of 2130.

It is the sill height that matters to the FPCP not the head e.g. a 700 deep window at 2130 head would not be seen by the 1150 FPCP.

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Ace, the other windows in the project are showing with the FPCP set at 1150. Plus, I have tried it above and below 1150 and they still don't show. I'll leave them on symbolic for now and keep looking. Thanks for trying.

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