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Zone area without finishing

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Hi we are using walls with plater in model (for labeling). However in documentation for contractor we need to calulate area of each room without plaster. Is there by any chance possbilitiy to substract plaster area in plan from zone area calulation ?

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Unfortunately ARCHICAD cannot provide you with this value out of the box.
I think a good solution would be for the Zon element to be able to react to Partial Structure Display (PSD) settings so when the Model is displayed Without Finishes, it would give you a different value than with the Entire Model PSD option.

If I was in this situation, I would do the following to get a relatively accurate value:
I would modify the Zone Stamp and create an Area without Finishes parameter.
I would have a parameter (a checkbox) that would let me specify that I want to obtain the Area without Finishes value. With the checkbox checked I could specify a Plaster thickness value. The GDL Object script would multiply the Perimeter value of the Zone and multiply it with the Plaster value I entered. This would provide me with the area of the Plasters.
Then I would calculate the Area without Finishes value by subtracting the Plaster Area from the Measured Net Area of the Zone.
I would assign this value to the Area without Finishes parameter and then I would be able to display this parameter in the Zone Stamp or list it in schedules.
Of course this would require the modification of the script of the Zone Stamp so some GDL knowledge is required for it.
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