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Can't publish to PDF and DWG anymore

Hello, I have a little problem (hopefully). I worked in a archicad model, and wanted to add a sketchup model into it. So I used the function to merge. Afterwards the model was change to a BIMx file, and I can't select the option to publish to pdf or ...

Stavadi by Newcomer
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Visualization of Archicad 21 FAILS

Please, team, help! Have one model created, but can not make a visualization - it stops on 22.09% of rendering in any PC (no matter that config each PC have - on each process stops on 22.09%). How it is possible to check this model for any bugs? Usin...

door schedule colors

HAve generated a door schedule; doors show up with the surface material. How can I get them to show up only in black and white outlines? The colored doors are custom door leafs created with those colors since one can't change materials in the door di...

Stretch External Drawing with reference points

Is there any way to stretch an external drawing or figure using several reference points? I am currently working on a project where I need archival material to line up with digital drawings. While the digital drawings are exact, the archival material...

burvall by Newcomer
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Reflective glass unless lit from behind

Hello. Is it possible to create a CineRender material like real glass, that appears almost black and reflective unless there is light coming from behind? Or perhaphs a one way mirror, reflecting from the outside but allowing light to escape from with...