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Survey follow-up – Door/Window Detail Level

Dear Community,Many of you took part in our recent survey on “Detail Levels of doors and windows on a single drawing”:

Detail Tool Problem

I am trying to draw a detail of a wall section. I put the detail bubble in, but when I go to the detail view, all of my complex profiles do not show up?! Why is this? I thought the detail tool copied whatever is enclosed within the bubble to a new vi...

archicad 20 mark-up workflow

Can anyone explain, or post a link to a concise workflow for markups in archicad 20. As the project reviewer has been removed in archicad 20, how do we collaborate with markups? Kubus plugin looks pretty complicated and relies on another company keep...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Text Model/paper size

I wonder why dimensions and text labels do not have model/paper size options. And how do I change the scale of drawings from Project to View map and not having to change the scales of dimension and label accordingly?

Objects with curved edges showing black.

I have only recently started using BimX and I have encountered a problem when using the Global Illustration render mode. Some objects show with a black texture instead of the assigned material (see the attached image). This does not happen in all cas...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 6 replies

Views not linked to cameras in ArchiCAD 20

In previous versions, I could create a view from a camera and, when I moved the camera, the view would also change positions. This no longer seems to be the case in 20. Now, the created views no longer seemed to be linked to the camera views. Is ther...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 8 replies

3d document dimension problem whilst dragging

Hi guys! Wanted to know if this was a bug or not. When i drag a placed dimension on my 3d document ceiling plan, the dimension snaps to the project base point x axis, and cannot be moved from that position. In AC18 dimensions did not behave this way,...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 0 replies

3d window contents to 2d lines

I have jumped a few versions to AC 20 and am trying to locate some features that have changed. I used to be able to save the contents of a 3d window to a 2D line file. This appears to no longer be an option? I wan to export the line work from a 3d vi...

Darrin N by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

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