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Survey follow-up – Door/Window Detail Level

Dear Community,Many of you took part in our recent survey on “Detail Levels of doors and windows on a single drawing”:

Aliased 3D Window Output

Hi, when we work we often save out quick views from the 3D window as JPGs to discuss as we design a model. In previous version of ArchiCAD, the output would look nice and anti-aliased, much like the better OpenGL settings. It seems in 19 that even th...

Bimx VR on the cheap

So after a ton of searching and testing and swearing, I have a super simple VR solution using bimx. this is only tested on android and windows 10 Here is what you need. Evo vr headset (its like a plastic google cardboard. I found it at walmart for 15...

Change tool and Revision History

I have reviewed the AC20 PDF Guide with regard to the Change tool and Revision History. Information on the Change tool is simple and straight forward. The information on Revision History strikes me as inadequate, not sufficiently descriptive, and see...

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  • 7 replies

Archicad 20 Rendering

Hello, I believe there is a setting in Archicad that help preventing re calculating for rendering and the further rendering will not take time for calculation again, I am not sure how to do that in Archicad 20, but I now it for Archicad 18. Any one c...

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  • 3 replies

Subset ID's in Autotext

I can't find an autotext to use in my Master that will show the Layout Number or Number of Layouts in the Subset I am using to generate a Permit Set. I have checked all the appropriate "Do not inclued in this Subset" boxes. I do have a correct Sheet ...

BIMx info tool - question

I know it used to work when I was using AC 19. Now I am using AC20 and the info tool doesn't work anymore. I can see the cross pointer but not the info dialogue. And the next question is if it is possible to add more info, for example when I click on...

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  • 2 replies

ArchiCAD 20 Updated Text

Has anyone else, after updating to ArchiCAD 20, had the issue of typing text and when you're finished it automatically resizes itself much smaller to the point you can't read it? Not sure if there's a new setting we need to adjust or if this is a bug...

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  • 15 replies

AC20 cover fill from surface in layout

Using AC20: Using 'use fill from surface' on meshes which display fine in 2D window but when placed on a layout the fill does not show. If i un-check the 'use fill from surface' then the fill appears correctly (or whatever fill i choose for the mesh)...

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  • 6 replies

Procedural Noise Types

Hi, is there a handy visual list of the different noise types available in the surfaces? The names aren't very descriptive and the little icons are too small to what they're actually doing. Is there anything in a manual somewhere?

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