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Autotext Help . . . ?

So I'm trying to get automatic, fool-proof revisioning and publishing established (despite ArchiCAD's efforts to the contrary) and wondered how I actually access the source of some of them to be able to utilise them. Now I know how to access the Proj...

BimX Cut view

Hi, I was looking at a model in the free BimX app for Ipad and there is an horizontal cut view, but I can't get to move the cut plan. Any help? Thanks Damian

Displacement problems

Due to the "broken mirror" problem that seems to be created when using the SPD setting on the displacement, I've been trying to render a stone wall without this setting. However, when I do, I don't get any displacement at all, especially at the wall ...

adamsb by Newcomer
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Visible lights - Caustics

I can't get the visible light with a spotlight shining through the portal windows in this sanctuary to show. I think I have all the settings right but can't get it to change the rendering at all. I want to put in stained glass in the windows and show...

Color palette issues / questions

I have been creating colored floor plans for my presentations which always looked fine from my inkjet printer. When I create PDF's however the colored areas seem to show a grid pattern to them based on me using a 25% cover fill rather than 100%. I us...

CineRender Shadow very grainy

Hi, I've only just started using the Archicad render a couple of days ago. While it shows a lot of promises i am struggling a bit trying to get the right setting. One issue i am having is with shadow casting. I've done a few test renders and they all...

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 3.27.59 pm.png
kpark88 by Newcomer
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