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Dimension problems AC16 and AC 17

Hi I have som problem when i want to show the radius of round walls. This is a problem i experienced in AC 16 but hoped it will be resolved in AC 17. I am very sad to se that it did not get resolved. Now i have to draw my own reference line on either...

nori0003 by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Holes in Zones

Hello Everyone, I need help! how do i create holes in zones? Can one draw into an existing zone using the polyline tool zone creation to create a hole into the zone, much like creating a hole in a slab?

jobert by Newcomer
  • 9 replies

PDF Drawings SLOW to load in Adobe Acrobat

My client is having difficulty doing measurement in Adobe Acrobat. Drawing sheets are published as PDF from the AC Publisher. Each drawing sheet is between 400KB and 3.5MB large. The building sections are the larger file size drawings and they will t...

Fly Through Exports Slow in AC17 (and AC16)

In previous versions when doing a Creative Imagining > Create Fly-Through... and then choosing the 'show' instead of 'save' option I would get quick feedback progressing through each frame at a rapid rate. However, now in AC17 (and after trying worka...

Duncan by Contributor
  • 6 replies

BIMx Export Time in AC17

Has anyone else noticed the significant increase in time that it takes to 'save as' a simple model to BIMx in AC17? I would almost prefer saving down to v16 and 'exporting'. Instead of using 1 minute for a quick sample. It now takes about 5 min for t...

Duncan by Contributor
  • 0 replies

Hotspots in scetchrenderings

Hello I'm Trying to make some sketch renderings of my project. The problem is that all of a sudden there is a lot of hotspots all over the drawing. Is there a way to turn them all off. In the 3d window settings box there are 2 options: enable 2D hots...

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