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D3 Smart Parts

I recently got the collection of D3 Smartparts and have had mixed feelings about them. One of my issues is with rendering. I want to do an interior rendering of a kitchen with a boatload of cabinets, but when I go to render, the drawer lines and line...

AC13 Printing to PDF Problem

AC 13-64 Is this a bug? Printing a marquee to pdf from elevation/section window now takes over 2 minutes for me. I thought it was freezing, but it eventually comes back and produces the print. AC 12 took a few second to print the PDF. Anyone else hav...

Rendering Transparencies

Hey all, I am having a quirk when rending images. The area that is suppose to be transparent is not rendering correctly. Check out the rendering that i am working on. The area around the people in the background is suppose to be transparent but it is...

tjbota by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Primer on detailing needed

I'm a second year architecture student and am beginning to get into detailing on a basic level. As my drawings are done in archicad, I would like to do my details in here too. I'm struggling to find much information of note on beginning this process....

Monolith by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

Manual scale in drawing title?

Hi all, I keep receiving drawings in PDF that are already printed to scale. When I attach them to my layouts, the drawing title shows scale as 1:1. I tried to change scale info manually in the NCS title in v12, to no avail. The "use original scale" o...

Losing textures - from plan to layout

I have a problem copying fills from plans to the master layout. The textures get changed and I have no idea how I could solve this. I have created my own textures (bmp files) and uploaded them; in plan view they look perfect, but in layout view they ...

HELP with dimension

I have gsm object and when I call it my dimension look like firs on pic. but I want with arrows. Please help me with variable for gsm parameter to change this. THANKS

zocca by Newcomer
  • 1 replies