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VBE in Linux

Just tried running VBE on my laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 Beta with Wine, and was surprised to find that it works perfectly! In fact, the performance was roughly the same as it was running in Windows on the same machine. All options were available and...


I would like to add more colors to material files. Like we used to do with the RAL colour system. Are there some .att files or something now that we can import lots of colors with ? How about the NCS Color System for ArchiCAD? Is somethign like this ...

Learn 3D Rendering

Hello, I can draw 2d plans In Archicad 12. But now I want to learn 3D photo rendering and walk. Can anyone please suggest me any tutorials and PDF ebooks.

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Listing only updated layouts

I could not find any answer for this question (or even the question itself): After doing some change to the model, is there a way to automatically list only the layouts that show the changes in their drawings? This is very relevant for big projects, ...

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Highschooler who needs rendering help...

Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums. I have been interested in architecture ever since I was in 1st grade. Freshman year I taught myself Autocad, and I used that for awhile. About a year ago I switched over to Archicad, and most recently I'm star...

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corner measure

Hi everbody! I need to know how I can create or edit the measures to keep them automatically at the corners of the room, as show in figure

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