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BIMx rendering

I have imported objects from, to the project. When I do the normal rendering the images are correct. But when I exported to BIMx it is coming pink color, I ticked the check box from Publisher set to render with Generate Global illumin...

Roopa A by Participant
  • 7 replies

Mark-up tool to PDF

Hi guys. i dont use the mark up tool that often, but when i do i actually find it quite helpful (ergo, i should use it more often ). anyway, the feature i like the most is that you can stablish a screenshot of the problematic area, write a descriptio...

jl_lt by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Object not rendered properly

I have downloaded the object from, the people and body parts folder, When I render that it is coming as grey with shining, I changed the color also from settings, still it is not coming. Here is the downloaded model and the image.

Roopa A by Participant
  • 2 replies

Change manager showing deleted changes

There seems to be an issue with the change manager tool preview showing deleted changes For example, in the below image, TN-03 Detail Updates was a change that I had created, then deleted, as a test. When I use the Change tool, and then select change...

Section GO

Hi everyone, I posted about this a few days ago, didn't get any solutions but used a temporary fix and got on with it. Lo and behold, a new project, same issue. This is getting frustrating because I usually don't doctor elevations with fills but it's...

Section Cut Surface Overrides.

Good Day, Would someone be so kind as to point out why this section will not override the cut surfaces? No graphic overrides are on and the renovation filter is show all. Uncut surfaces will override fine but the cut surfaces will only show 'own surf...

Graphic override on column is not working

Hi, I am applying graphic override on a elevation Over uncut lines. It's working fine for wall, slab & beam. But for column it's nit working. For catagory i choose 'All tyoes' so there should remain be no issue. ARE there any possibility thus overrid...


I think the description of the minimal requirements for OS in App Store needs to be updated. The description says "iOS 10.0 and above", but it does not work on one of my older devices (like iPad Air2 iOS 10.0.2). The application just closes back afte...

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