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Drawings not appears on layout"

Guys, I hope you're doing well, I have really big issue due to my deadline upcoming for architectural studio class, I made it and arrange my drawing but suddenly the settings changed when I uptade my drawing, it's disappearing I notice that the pen s...

Construction Details

The detail tool in Archicad still works in a very old fashioned way, requiring you to regen what is essential 2D information. I haven't used it much for that reason for years. It does however have a use in that you can link the detail marker to any v...

Tim Ball by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Very Odd PDF Bug & Hard to Explain

I have a 30x42 sheet layout and then a 11x17 sheet layout. The 30x42 saves to a PDF without an issue, but the 11x17 has random things missing (text of the dimensions and random other lines/arcs, basically not just text). The view on the 11x17 is the ...

Red by Booster
  • 4 replies

3D Grass is not showing

I have this problem on a single mesh, however when I render the entire surrounding, the grass is showing flat. I have carefully watched the Archicad video for the 3D Grass settings, I applied everything as shown, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I ...

Resolved! Renovation: Ganged Windows

Hi all, I have a window that is to be removed (width marked by witness lines on the right) and replaced by a larger series of windows. In "Demolishing" this window, a "New" wall is created to fill the hole left behind. A new set of ganged windows is ...

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