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Printing/Displaying GhostStory in PMK?

Hi, is anyone succesful in displaying ghoststory in Plotmaker? I am trying to save a 'view' of the Ground Floor plan with the Site Contours (shown as ghost story) but I can't save them into Plotmaker, they do not display. I know that I can save them ...

Jacek by Participant
  • 10 replies

Authoring mutlimedia CDs on OSX

Im sure this has been discussed before, but could not find it doing a search. Im interested in producing CD's (the shiny coasters we put in our PCs, not construction documents, ) which show various House Types with ArchiCAD 3D views, plans, spec and ...

Lennox by Newcomer
  • 11 replies

Interactive Schedule Format issues

I've noticed that in using the I.S. the header text will get changed (to Arial, in my case) if it is sent to a List Window rather than placed on the drawing. (Where it shows correctly.) I'm assuming this is a bug rather than having missed something? ...

Anybody using Reviewer successfully?

I am about to give up on the web Reviewer. I thought it was going to be incredibly useful, but it's turned out to be very problematic, including: 1) No way for redlines to be saved back to the web by users other than the top level administrator. You ...

Create 'press-worthy’ PDFs in Panther

In MacOSX 10.3 Panther, it's possible to create 'press-worthy’ PDFs without third-party tools like Adobe Distiller, according to the link below. I've not been able to verify the quality of this tip, or if it would allow Archicad 8.1/MacOSX to create ...

ArchiCAD 2 VIZ

Is there a ArchiCAD 2 VIZ tutorial available out there? I got tired of Artlantis and I want to move to VIZ, but I´m worried about file exchange and updating changes from ArchiCAD to VIZ. Anyone there that master AC/VIZ could help? Thank you, Ricardo

Import AC List into Plotmaker?

I've been trying to add more standards to our document production and decided that it looked like you could have PM link directly to an AC List (as opposed to an Interactive Schedule that must be manually updated in AC to reflect any drawing changes)...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

50's cars

I'm doing a rendering of my Fathers childhood home, and would like to put a period vehicle in the driveway. Does anyone know where I could find some 40's or 50's gdl cars. also any old gas station objects, ie. gas pumps, signs ect.... i'm in a crunch...