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resizing drawing scale in Plotmaker 3.1

I've just installed Plotmaker 3.1. I am looking forward to having Plotmaker retain the rescaled size of a drawing through an update. I just updated one of the drawings but the Scale option on the Drawing Attributes page is greyed out (not accessable)...

Detail Tool

When I create a detail using the Detail tool a rounded rectangular box is place on floor plan. The problem is when I open the item in the Navigator. The detail window is empty. Why? AC8v3r3, WinXp-Pro-Sp1,Xeon 3.06, 1g

YA_H_VE by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Plotmaker - Auto Text Problem

Presntly working with Plotmaker 3.0.0. R3 USA (6318) under Windows XP Proff. Plotmaker displays the drawing name as [Undefined Value]. The drawing name shows in the Layout settings window, and also un the Navigator window, next to the field propertie...

Photorender size constraints

It seems that photorendered images will only generate to the extents of the 3D window. If my 3D window is, say, 800x800, so it fits nicely on my second monitor next to my navigator, navigator preview and 3D navigation control box, but I want a photor...

Link by Enthusiast
  • 15 replies

Drawing use in photoshop

Does anyone know of a way to save plans or elevations to high resolution format that can be used in photoshop? Everything I save as results in a very low quality image.

Brad by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

[Help] Diagonal wood grain

Howdy, I need some help. The following example is from timber frame construction but I'm sure similar situations will be quite common. I'm using the slab tool to create diagonal braces, rafters or parts of a truss. I save these as objects. So far so ...