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display morph in the interactive catalog and calculate the volume of materials

In my project a lot of construction elements are built using the morph tool.
Now I want to create a catalog of materials and calculate their volume.
How to do it? I've tried different ways to setup to display morphs, but the catalog is always empty.

Barry Kelly
Morphs can not be displayed in a schedule.
The 2D plan preview and 3D axonometry views are 'sample' morphs only and not the true morph.

You can get the volume and projected floor area, but be aware this is 'per storey', so if they span more than one storey the values will be split for each one.

I do not know what you are trying to model but I would try to avoid morphs if possible.
Having said that, other elements (walls, beams, etc., will only show a preview as well.
I think it is only doors and windows that will show the true 3D image in a schedule.


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thanks, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong,
although in Archicad 24 you can select the morph element, but as I said in the schedule, it is show up.
I used morphs as a complex beams for a roof straps, and too late I realized that I should avoid to use morph

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