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exterior casing flipping between saved views?


First image is the first floor plan with the exterior casing correctly showing:Elec-mvo-02.png


The second image shows the first floor electrical plan with the exterior casing flipped inward on the opening:



To my knowledge, the only thing I changed between the two views is the MVO to turn off the markers & the appropriate layers to remove annotation for each view.


Any thoughts on what I can check to correct this?


My lighting plan is similarly set up, but does not have this issue. And the electrical plans for the other two stories are fine.




Thanks up front for any assistance on what to check!

learning on mac v25/US solo, Big Sur 11.6, 2020 iMac


@proto You may want to add a bit more information if you want others to assist e.g. the build version of AC25 and region such as INT or UKI etc and the opening object name.

Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

@DGSketcher sorry, i don't understand

build version --- 3011 USA

INT, UKI -- ????

"opening object" - ?? window object is "W Double Hung 25"

learning on mac v25/US solo, Big Sur 11.6, 2020 iMac

All good. Unfortunately I can't help as this is a USA window object. Someone with access to the USA window library will need to check if there is a bug. 

For reference...

INT = International

UKI = United Kingdom & Ireland


@Karl Ottenstein can you help check this?

Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

@proto @DGSketcher I just tried the "W Double Hung 25" window object in AC 25 USA and couldn't see any issues with some random tries of different floor plan views (symbolic vs cutplane) and MVOs, or even by mirroring the window which caused this appearance a decade or more ago (but permanently in that case - as did, in those very, very old cases, injecting parameters from a similar window that was migrated from an older version).  All of those old bugs are long fixed (10 to 15 years ago).


I've never seen something like this with the casing showing up in the wrong position in different views.


I don't think this has to do with Proto being on a Solo vs me on a Professional license, but rather something strange related to the view settings and the object itself.


Proto, I have a feeling that your issue is so file-specific that none of us can help without seeing a minimal version of the file that includes the view settings for the two views illustrated.  (A module, saved from just the wall at issue, would only give the wall and the window with its parameters...but as you note, it seem to be that combined with some setting in your views.)


If you have time, duplicate your file and then with the copy,  delete everything from the model except this wall/window and verify that the issue is reproducible with just that wall.  Include both adjacent windows in case you used the ganging settings that they are related to this. Then, to reduce file size further for sharing, delete all layouts (which will delete all stored drawings - big space eaters) and see if the resulting PLN is small enough to put on a cloud server and share the link here, or you can PM me with it.  (As a PLN, the file will be the smallest, but only someone with the USA version can test since it uses the USA library.)


One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.1, iMac Pro

@Karl Ottenstein, thank you & Ok, understood re: file specific.

The file did start in 24 & I updated to 25 (so maybe window object is caught between the two for some reason?). But the view issue only popped up recently as I only just created the electrical plan views.

I will revisit this later; the week has gotten complicated. I'll either report back with resolution (looking at the combinations of items you suggest) or post a compacted file as you describe.

learning on mac v25/US solo, Big Sur 11.6, 2020 iMac

@DGSketcher ah, ok, thx for the explanation

learning on mac v25/US solo, Big Sur 11.6, 2020 iMac

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