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how to force new line for the name of layout in Book of layouts

A_ Smith
I use automatic naming for layouts via "#LayoutName" (it could be slightly different, I don't have eng version) in Book of Layouts. Does anybody know how can I force to move cursor/text on the next line in the text element, which contains only "LayoutName"?
Lets's say that #LayoutName = "Join us online! Starting Jan 25, 2021" and there is enough space (just imagine) to place this text in 1 row, but it takes 2 rows for better looking. So, I wish there was some special character, something similar to /n -> "Join us online!/nStarting Jan 25, 2021" and it will be displayed just like you see above.
Because, frankly speaking, till now I use lots of space_keyboard_button to make text go to another row, it's not convenient and feels wrong
Any tips?
Thank you in advance.
AC 22, 24 | Win 10

The only way how to do it using autotext - is probably how you are doing. When you create a new text block - draw rectangular (instead of double click) - then your future text will fit into given rectangular and if it's too long - text will jump on second row too.

There is another way, how to solve this. It's very specific GDL coding. I know many people avoiding to program on GDL, but it can help with similar problems a lot. If you interested - let me know, I'll guide you.

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