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maximum camera distance

in our office we are trying to model the position of a building so that the view from its windows look directly towards a mountain which is 36km away! the building is modeled and we have tried representing the mountian with either a cone/ roof/ wall/ slab but when viewing the mountain from within the building through its windows, the 3D is distorted and walls diapear etc. If you take away the moutain the 3D is fine. we assume this is because of the distance, 36km.

Anyone know the maximum distance/ area you can model in archicad before the 3D goes skrewey?

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Matthew Lohden
I don't know about what distances would work, but I suggest you try a mountain half the size half as far away. And if that doesn't work go to half again. Let us know what you find out.
Matthew Lohden
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Karl Ottenstein
I've modeled terrain that was 25 km away from the building without problems. But, ArchiCAD does have problems when things are 'too far' from the origin.

You might try Artlantis (free demo period of the download), which should not have problems - and handles more polygons then ArchiCAD as well, allowing you to bring in the entire distant mountain scape from Google Earth and look out your window towards it, rather than just a cone.

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Here's a scene extending 47,000. metres.
Dwight Atkinson

I think the problem is your Open GL distance setting not being set high enough.
Dwight Atkinson

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