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modeling + texture without post photoshoping

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I have been thinking about the idea of a good photo or a photographer is one that require minimum Photoshop or none at all. So taking this concept to modeling in archicad + texturing and how far it can go or at which point where Photoshop or post rendering is required.

Does anyone have some good examples of good raw BIM modeling (screenshot) with textures that is outstanding, I am looking for a benchmark to aim for basically.

Hope this makes sense.


Karl Ottenstein
Your question (moved to this forum) seems really vague to me. A lot of the images you'll see here have not involved photoshop, in part because a lot of users don't own it. 😉

Yes, many pros will use Photoshop as a final step to improve an image, but relative to textures - your question - I'm not sure what you mean?

(I disagree with your premise on photographers. Every world renown nature photographer, for example, plays games in the darkroom or photoshop - or with unusual, special filters and equipment. Ansel Adams without a darkroom would not have been Ansel Adams. Photoshop - and similar programs - are simply the digital photographer's darkroom, IMHO.)

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Hi, Karl,

Thanks for your reply, I have to say I am not a photographer and only made that statement because i heard from a third party.

I guess i am trying to find out whether people model textures in archicad or exported out to Photoshop. I am not sure but when i try to import and add texture to everything (interior) in archicad, together it seems bit weird or wrong. Hard to put in words.

Karl Ottenstein
Most texturing is done within ArchiCAD, or an external rendering program like Artlantis. Or, perhaps painted in using Piranesi, which understands perspective and will properly align and tile textures to perspective surfaces.

Texturing in Photoshop is inaccurate and tedious... as the texture has to be distorted to align with the perspective of each planar surface... and texturing nonplanar surfaces is not realistic, and there is no masking (as in Piranesi) to aid in keeping the texture painted only on the desired surface.

Most photoshop work that people do is to insert entourage (vegetation, people) and to change the color/exposure/mood/crop of the image, I think. Perhaps to blend multiple images (sketch and texture render; context image and model, etc)

What is it that you want to accomplish that you feel you cannot?
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