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name multi layout pdf with autotext

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in publisher view, it is possible to assign auto text names to individual layouts. that's great.
but in many cases, i dont publish layouts one by one, I publish merged layout.
the folder that holds the individual layouts and which gives it's name to the final file on my computer, doesn't seem to support auto text naming?
that's a shame... it means i can't automate file naming based on issue management 😕
anyone has an idea how to do this?


Barry Kelly
I am pretty sure you can if you know what the autotext field is.
You just need to type in in manually.

For example ... <CURRENTREVISIONID>... if you want to add the current revision ID.


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for me this puts literally _CURRENTREVISIONID_ in the file title, but not the actual current rev id ...

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anyone ?
it really seems odd to me that there is no way to automatically prevent the publisher from overwriting older files.... I just need the output file to carry the issue id or even the date of issue...
or else, how do you guy's deal with this issue on your computers/ servers ?
do you create new publishing set's manually with each issue ?
thanks for your help !!!


I have publishing sets per file type / printing.

You can rename items if you right click a folder or just the whole project in the publishing set, just add the autotexts you like. This will rename all items in the publishing set.

We use a custom text field in our change manager for identifying different change dates. The only thing it doesn't work on is renaming folders that are used to unify several layouts to one PDF/DWG (in the case of detail booklets, for example).

The autotexts from the Issue list will only change on layouts for that issue. So let's say you have a set of 5 layouts. 2 of these are changed in the next issue, only these 2 will have their name changed, the other 3 stay based on the previous issue.
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